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The Paradox of the Active User

Thu Apr 15 2021
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Recently I was complaining to my boss about how difficult it is learning a new technology. He taught me about the Paradox of the Active User. Basically, the paradox states an active user will try to forego the tutorials and documentation in favor of a trial by fire.

Why is it a paradox, your ask? Well the mentality of the Active User is that they are able to started and moving faster on my... their own. But in reality, the time is wasted floundering where the time in a tutorial or treating documentation is often more effective. The active user is discouraged and sometimes gives up on the software or goal all together. At this point I should probably start to apologize to all the tutorials I thought I was better than, which obviously turned out wrong.

What should I do now? Well now you're educated against yourself, you can take the time to complete a tutorial, or more thoroughly read the documentation. Maybe this time, you'll be able to create the product you envisioned in your mind's eye.

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