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Thing a day - Walrus (018)

Fri Feb 04 2022
Word Count: 160

Inspiration: A walrus doing a wallride

Okay, this is why I wanted to learn how to make art. I haven't been using color like I should, but also who cares. I'm learning about sketching. I've reduced my brush list to a #4 pencil and an eraser. I've got plenty of practice I might as well focus on one thing at a time.

Anyway, this is amazing. I love the walrus's face. It's like "Why did you draw me?". I don't know Walrus. I just don't know. The weird part is I actually pulled up reference images, and looked a lot of walruses. It didn't help (obviously) but what a bunch of weird animals they are. It's like if you took a human, ad replaced our forearms and shins with paddles. And then supplied infinite taquitos, maybe on some sort of conveyor belt, directly into their mouth for 100 days. Why are you reading this and not laughing at the walrus?

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