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Trials of Jaun (Ch3) - WIP

Thu Jan 07 2021
Word Count: 396

Jaun had never been imprisoned before. He also hadn't dove to his death in a cave of mudmen who had imprisoned good people before either. It was quite the day of firsts. The mugert was dragging Jaun down a length hallway. The floor seemed much smoother than the last room he was in. He had a hunch he was getting closer to the main area, whatever might be there. 

"So where are you taking me?" Jaun asked the mudman, hoping for an answer. The mugert simple grunted without any indication it was even for him. He thought about yelling for help, but if Khir were going to help, they would have helped each other a long time ago. Jaun wiped his brow on his shoulder. He wasn't sure what was going to happen next. 

After a short while the mugert put Jaun into a cell in a small room with other cells lining the walls. His legs were still shackled, but he at least had his arms free. He never saw the mugert carrying his sword, and he feared the worst. It was probably tossed in the chasm, and now half way to the Golden Sea. Jaun started looking around. He could hear faint moaning from one of the other cells, but it didn't sound friendly. He sat on the bench for a moment to dwell.

"How many times am I going to face my death?" he said, pushing his palms into his forehead. "This isn't fair! I just want to be an adult. I want to help my neighbor, and defend my friends." Jaun kicked at the wall, completely forgetting about the shackles and knocked himself down. "UHG" he cried, as he landed on his back. "What did I just land on?" he thought.

"The pickaxe heads!" Jaun shouted in excitement. He quickly covered his mouth and looked out the door to see if anyone had heard. He was pretty sure he was safe. "Okay, what can I do with these?" The outer walls were pretty rough and seemed like they had been mined out years ago. But the wall between his cell and the next one seemed rather fresh and new. Jaun took one pickaxe head, and put it into the wall, and smashed the back with a second pickaxe head, like a hammer. The wall began to give almost immediately. He quickly stopped.

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